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Older Aaryan by Wild-Catx
Older Aaryan
A picture of an older Aaryan probably as a royal gurad <3

Not much to say but this is what he will def look like as an adult. Much manliness. Such floof  
He kinda looks like his grandparents

Art and Character (c) Me
Caelan| Colt| Cape Splinter by Wild-Catx
Caelan| Colt| Cape Splinter
New ref <3 I copied things from Aaryan's page so i theres something I haven't got to can you tell me ^^


Name: Caelan
Gender: Colt
Age: 3
Year of Birth: 759 of the New Age
Height: 7.2hh going to be 10hh fully matured
Build: when fully mature medium
Phenotype Sooty Palomino Restricted Fawn
Genotype ee/Aa/nCr/nSty/fwfw/nRx
Eye Colour: Chocolaty brown 
Design SheetFawn Design |Caelan | Awinita X Tzilan

Father: Tzilan 
Adopted Mother:  Tora
Proof of Breeding:  Cannot find, will look later
Bloodline: Pure Windborne
Magic Type: Wind Magic??
Siblings & Other Relationships:  
 Illyrica Half-Sister
Tora- an NPC, she is an older windy doe who has master magic and advanced herbs. She is his adopted mother

Skill Points

Speed: 2 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level]

Magic: 16 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+16 magic - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Herd Position: Herd member
Mate(s):  None
Current Location:  Windborne allied herds


Personality:| Brave | Courageous| Adventurous| Kind| Loyal  

Brave- After he was captured with the other fawns during the Windborne war Caelan gotten more brave along with everything else. At that time he was with his friends and watching his sister. Who didn't need it but still wanted to make sure she was okay. His adventures get more risky and dangerous.

Courageous- By definition Courageous means deterred by danger or pain; brave. 

Adventurous- When he gotten back with all the other fawns 



Herb basket- a gift from Tora she gotten from a blackwood traveler who gotten from an glenmore herbalist 
His mothers ear cuff- but its on his left ear
A small pouch- carries sea shells or small herbs

Mental disorder/Physical Issues: 

History: An eventful past already for a 3 year old


Caelan(c) Me
Design(c)   me
Fawnlings  (c) Ehetere
Okay so I logged on to my Fawnling email and realzied I had some rps on there *cringe* So I'm listing them here to keep track of them

These need verifying as well so here is the key


:bulletgreen: Started/has a google doc
:bulletorange: In the works/deciding(planning) 
:bulletred: Haven't talked about it/need to talk about it
:bulletblack: Talked about but don't have any info about it

Royal Guard Garviel


Lady Iliana

Lady Adraste


Duke Aaryan

Let's Not Tell Dad- Art by Wild-Catx
Let's Not Tell Dad- Art

I had fun doing this piece and lit sadly I started it at 1pm and finished it just now at 2am :faint: 
It was an off and on project x.x

Iliana & Aaryan (c) Wild-Catx 

Spring, Year 762 of the New Age
Glenmore, Glenwood

   The sun shined into small glade, which caused Illiana to wake up slightly. She flexed her shoulder muscles then went to stretch but a small grunt stopped her. She had forgotten about her son sleeping next to her. Sometimes it was easy to forget him it was almost like she would forget the past months. Back to before Aaryan was born, back before she met Aedan, but back to when she lost Nadia. Iliana shook her head when a playful nudge hit her shoulder. “ Momma! C-come play.” Was giggled out by her son Aaryan who was already standing and ready to go. He really only knew how to properly say that without some complications everything else came out cute and cuddly. “Where do you think you’re going?” She smiled softly with an eyebrow cocked up.

Aaryan started to jump on his tippy toes he was already hyper even for just waking up. “ Noww, Pleawse?” He spoke rather quickly. Iliana grunted and stared outside their glade it was bright outside for the pair since they had just woken up. “ I guess” She rose up to her feet and shook off the dust from laying down. Where was Blair when I need her Blair was her hoofmaiden. Iliana walked outside with her son towing behind her. Today was a good day unlike yesterday when he tried to play. Today the birds was singing and playing, the butterflies was moving around, just life was great. The day before it tried to storm, so everything was dull. Aaryan wanted to start running but Iliana was still sleepy so he said close by.

Iliana walked down a trail that led toward their spot. Their spot was a small clearing close to home. It was surrounded by thick trees it was hard to see in but out it was almost crystal clear. Almost like an illusion, it was good find easy to see something coming towards them. “ You wanna play chase?” Iliana asked Aaryan playfully. His eyes lit up like the night sky, she could tell he was happy. “Y-yes mommy!” He yelped. Aaryan started first which was unexpected for Iliana. She giggled and took off sprinting towards her son, who was full on running. He was a somewhat wobbly runner but that was because he was few months old. He was lighter than Illiana which was why he was faster. Aaryan giggled as his mother caught him. Now it was his turn to catch his mom. Iliana fake took off from him but Aaryan caught her within a few steps since she really wasn’t try. “Hey you want to go on a walk?” She asked Aaryan. “Yes” Aaryan said childish.

Iliana started to walk away she stopped to make sure Aaryan was following her. When he was following Iliana she started to walk to the place. Just walking north a little Iliana and Aaryan past the clearing, and started towards Loch Kerr. Where she wanted to go wasn’t at Loch Kerr merely was close by. You could see the mountains nearby her area, Iliana had been to this spot once or twice. It was a nice grazing place when you wanted to be alone. When Iliana finally reached her destination she looked at Aaryan who looked awfully tired. “ You want to take a nap?” She asked the exhausted son who nodded in response

    A few hours later Aaryan and Iliana woken up. But Aaryan woken up first who rudely woke up his mother. Iliana moved her head and yawned, she stood up this is the place where she wanted to show him magic. Why here? Iliana didn’t know why here, maybe because it was peaceful and calm so she could think. Iliana looked at her son who was sniffing a butterfly resting on a tree. Well was because as soon as his nose touched the butterfly it flew up into the sky. Aaryan pouted sadly all he wanted to do was sniff it, but all his mother could do was giggle at his pouty face. It was so cute and cuddly but he started to get upset when the butterfly flew away. “Aw darling don’t be sad okay, I can make you feel better with a present.” Iliana spoke soft and gentle to her son.

“ What-t” Aaryan asked his mother.

    “Follow me, dear” Iliana smiled.

Aaryan followed his mother for about ten minutes closer toward the forest line. Then she stopped and nuzzled him. “ You ready?” She asked him.

Iliana thought about the grass which was a yellow-green color because it was just starting to be spring, not too long ago did the snow melt but it also seemed forever ago. Now she was thinking about the thick green grass the kind you love during the summer. A gasp behind her meant her plan was working. Iliana was showing her son what others and herself could do. Magic. She was showing her son magic but right now all it was making the grass healthier or more green. Most wouldn’t have shown their children magic but why not it makes everything a lot easier to explain when they are older. How’s it done, ect or so she thought. Hopefully Aaryan wouldn’t go running to papa and tell him what she’s done or tried to since he really didn’t understand what was going on. It’s not wrong but most mothers may frown upon this.

She turned to look at her son who was staring at her with wide eyes. By now he was laying down by her feet looking amazed. “ You want to see something else?” She questioned. Aaryan nodded eagerly.

Iliana thought about a rose swaying in the light breeze. It was a pretty image one she has seen before, but now she has the chance to show it to her son. When she felt her hind quarters shriver in a weird way Iliana opened her eyes to see a rose in front of her. Aaryan giggled as he watched the lone flower sway in the wind. “ What about one more flower, don’t you agree.” Iliana said with a smile.

With that she thought about a daisy sitting next to the rose. But this time it happened sooner than the rose and rather closer than the rose. The daisy was almost touching her snout. “ Well look at that” She laughed.

“ Flowaer!” Aaryan giggled softly watching both flowers.

“ Let's agree not to tell daddy about the flowers that came out of no where shall we” She said to Aaryan.

This is not a real RP till Aaryan is accepted which should be soon.

Art piece-Let's Not Tell Dad- Art by Wild-Catx


Wild-Catx's Profile Picture
Savannah Morris
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Okay so I logged on to my Fawnling email and realzied I had some rps on there *cringe* So I'm listing them here to keep track of them

These need verifying as well so here is the key


:bulletgreen: Started/has a google doc
:bulletorange: In the works/deciding(planning) 
:bulletred: Haven't talked about it/need to talk about it
:bulletblack: Talked about but don't have any info about it

Royal Guard Garviel


Lady Iliana

Lady Adraste


Duke Aaryan

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