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A Bright Future/ Picture part by Wild-Catx
A Bright Future/ Picture part

    Featuring: Lord Slavomir and Lady Adraste
Season: Summer Year 760 of the new age
Territory, Specific Location on the Map: Glenwood, Glenmore 

So me and HaniHunni did a thing xD

She will do the litaure part ^^

Litaure Part: 

OMG RAE Y U SO BRIGHT!! Like her coat is to bright for green/ dark coat color scheme ;u;

Can you guys recongize the horrible drawn fawnlings lol It's Dru, Bo and Scarlet.
 Scarlet was more red till I dulled her down for the rest of the picture. 

Dru (c)  TigressDesign
Bo (c)  fulociraptor
Scarlet (c) Ettid
Mir (c) HaniHunn
Rae and Art (c) Me
Storm Bringer Son by Wild-Catx
Storm Bringer Son
I hope Tzilan will be proud of his godly handsome looking son xD

I just wanted to draw Caelan in his prime ^^

BTW femalefred one plan I have is to get his magic up to master ( or a level below lol)

Tzilan (c) 
Art & Caelan (c) Me
I get butterflys by Wild-Catx
I get butterflys
I get butterfly's around you, almost like I can't breath! How Rae feels about Mir <3

Just more fan art of those two lol

Lady Adraste & Slavomir

Slavomir (c) HaniHunni
Adraste & Art (c) Me 
Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal by Wild-Catx
Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal
 I got her right before the royals were closed x.x lol

Basic Information
Name: Lady Iliana
Gender: Doe
Age: 9
Year of Birth: Spring, 751 of the New Age
Height: 10hh (predicted)
Build: Light
PhenotypeSeal Perlino Fawn
Eye Colour: Blue 
Design Sheet:  Fawnlings October Pool #88

Sire: Braxton deceased NPC Royal Guard/ Would been a lord if he didn't become a Guard. 29 when born, died 34
Dam: Lady Daija deceased NPC  Royal Doe died at 25. 22 when born. (Died from sickness)
Bloodline: Glenmore 
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 5 [Basic Level]
Strength: 1 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 8 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+8 magic - starter bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Royal
Current Location: Glenmore

Personality: (include strengths, weaknesses, relationships, etc) I wrote the history first so it may not equal up to xD
Year 752 of the new age Year old
 At this stage Iliana was shy and unwilling to make friends, because in her head the other herd members are making fun of her because of her parents. Very whining and brat wanting to do things her way or it's the highway. Iliana feels unloved because she wasn't the boy her father wanted instead she was a Lady. But once you got to know her like Eli did, Iliana is a very hyper, outgoing, and get's attached quickly. The older Royal doe's are teaching her manners and how to be a lady not some commoner. SO when she first meets Eli who was a little mean her first question was ' DO you have manners'  well being a commoner she didn't. 
 Very questioning near the end of the year, almost acts like an adult doe when she isn't one. She believes Eli doesn't like this much because she won't act her age, and not like a fawn. 

Year 753 of the new age Two years old 
Opened up since first meeting Eli, she counts Eli as her Best friend. Which her mother  because her mother believes only Princess or other ladies should be her daughters best friend. She drills this into Iliana making her believe the whole herd believes this, so she gets worried but doesn't care. Eli has made Iliana really friendly, happy, and helps her get through her life. When all the sudden Iliana is told Eli is leaving the herd because of her father. Left in tears she is cold for the first hour but then realizes a Lady shouldn't act this away. So she hides the pain away from the herd because what ever her father did was so bad the herd shouldn't know that was her best friend. 
 A few days after Eli leaves Iliana brother attempts to make her happy, in which case he succeeds and makes her loose every once of jealously. They begin to bond like they should. But near the end of the year her mother dies and Iliana is lost.

Year 760 of the new age ( right now)
Intelligent| Cunning| Creative| Friendly ( depends on whose talking)

IIliana has put everything in the past and is very happy. She act's and behaves like a royal should, sometimes when she is alone the memories and feelings rush back in but she hides it the next day. She is VERY intelligent, cunning, and pretty. She loves to gossip and hear the daily fawnling grape vine news. Iliana really loves fawns and will watch them from a distance, but someday she wishes to have some of her own. You really can't hide anything from her she will just figure it either by herself or from a other fawnling. 

Do to Eli leaving without a notice she has well... turned to being disgusted by commoners. 

Appearance: A crystal necklace from her mother
 ---Her mother told her she got it from a doe in Glenmore, she didn't know what had happened to her.. She believed that she was a wanderer. The wanderer who she never got her name said she found it on the beach of Sharktooth Bay, when she went to pick it up the
leather broke from the beating waves of the ocean. So her mother only had the stone and not the original leather. For a replacement Daija 
used her own mane hair to make it into a necklace. 
 It smells salty or like the ocean.
--- The actual stone is a little cut up and little tarnished but you can still see the glory it once had. Like I said above it came from a ship wreck and does not have the original leather for the necklace part.   

History: The following--

Year 752 of the new age Year old
- Made fun of because she was born to older royal fawnlings mostly because of her father not her mother.
- Whiny and bratty because parents won't play with her or love her like the other parents do 
- Get's jealous because she will have a younger sibling 
- Meets a fawn name Eli becomes BFF's 

| She's made fun or judged as a fawn because her parent's are older, and her father is a Guard. To some royal is doesn't matter because he had royal blood. But to the rest it does because of his rank. Why she is made fun of for older parents is because they can't play with her as much as the other parents, and she would be stuck taking care of them instead of the opposite. Also some of the royals know ( not the fawns) that her parents wanted a colt and not a filly, maybe that could be a reason. 

Iliana gets jealous because before her brother was born, she had been trying to get her parent's attention and affection desperately. Now all attempts will be put off and forgotten by her parents till she is about 2 1/2 or 3, attempts might happen two months after he is born but nothing happened. Which starts a lot of the jealousy for her.

IIliana was born from two older royal fawnling's, she had a hard time growing up. She didn't have that great royal life growing up because the other fawnling's didn't speak it because of being a royal, but IIliana knew they were making fun of her. As she grew up in her head she was upset that they did this, and this was made her. Didn't they know that they damned her for being made fun of, the other fawnlings looked happy playing with their parents but poor IIliana couldn't.. Her father used the excuse that he had more important things to do, her mother said it wasn't good for her because it would look bad rolling in the mud. She cried for nights till her mother sent her hoof maiden to play with her. 
"IT"S not fair!" IIliana cried to her mothers hoof maiden, Lauran.
"Lady IIliana, please calm down, we can play instead" A panicked Lauran said, lord knows what the other fawnlings might say on the royal grape vine. 
IIliana picked herself up and agreed to play with Lauren even though she didn't want to. But that afternoon she walked around the great oak. She heard her mothers cheery voice and ran to her but skidded to a halt, she was surrounded by princess, and royal doe. Every single one was giggling to each other, in a long time IIliana hasn't heard the laughing voice of her mother. Curiosity consumed her little body so she inched closer then in the distance her father approached her mother and boy did they look happy, something that hadn't happened in a while. Now IIliana could hear what they were talking about and it made her want to crawl into a hole.  " So Lady Daija when is he due?" a younger princess asked her mother. 
IIliana gasped quietly to herself and went to turn around but crashed into a stag. "Lady IIliana what are you doing?" A royal guard spoken out of shock because he just knocked the young fawn over. "Ohm, looking for someone to play" She lied and spoke in a cheery fawn's voice. 
" I think over there is where you should be then, Lady IIliana  " He spoke with concern and disbelif. 
Instead of talking she ran over to the other fawnling's, her mind was swirling with the jealous thoughts. That fawn will take my place! and all  the affection IIliana thought to herself. She was yanked out of her thought literally because a fawn her age pulled on her ear. " Burgh that hurt and didn't anyone teach you manners!" IIliana said calmly but in great pain. 
"HAHA nope, oh by the way I'm Eli" The fawn said to IIliana, she took in her details larger ears, bright and cheerful eyes maybe too cheerful, and a gorgeous Gold Champagne pelt. "HEY, by Áillte do you do this all the time" Eli said to IIliana with a snappiness . " Do what?" IIliana  spoke confused. " Oh so you know I do have manners I go with the royal ladies to get them" Eli snapped again " Also what's your name" Eli added like she was higher up than her, boy was she wrong. " Lady IIliana  " She spoke to Eli and watched her face change. "It's fine you didn't know" she giggled at Eli. " I think we should be friends." Eli said laughing.
That's exactly what they did, at first they stayed friends. Not much more of a friend rank, but IIliana didn't want her to leave and break her fragile heart. ( xD) 

Year 753 of the new age Two years old
- Lost her best friend
- Mother dies
- Father gives away son to their aunt Ithaca, who she was closely named after. This was Braxton's sister because Daija was a only child!

|Reason why Eli left: 
Eli's mother was a hoofmaiden, which is why Eli hung around Royals so much. Her mother overheard some Royals talking about treason, so she quickly ran away but thinks they know she heard. Scared, she talks to Eli's father about it. They're worried that no one will believe mere Commoners, and the treasonous Royals will cause problems for their family (probably trying to frame them as Traitors and have them killed/exiled). So, in fear, they run away from the Main Herd and go to live in the Needle. 

Lady IIliana and Eli soon became the best of friends and Eli helped IIliana through the pains of being jealous of her little brother. " You know they didn't even know of it was a he or she, they just prayed it was a boy.. I wonder if they did that with me" IIliana rambled on with a laugh. 
" Oh my Áillte... They might have!" Eli broke into laughter. 
"Thanks for the support" IIliana laughed softly " Oh you want to go look at the flowers by the Great Oak?" IIliana asked Eli.
" As you wish my Lady" Eli joked. 
" Please don't say that again.." IIliana stood up and shook the nasty dust of her, then she flipped her long locks away from the ground.
"Sorry still a touchy subject." Eli said smirking.
"Yes very" She started walking.
"Whyyyy, it's what your born into!" Eli longed out the conversation. 
"Because! You are my best friend and your rank isn't lady. I know the other royals and princess find it weird not odd but still. They might find it okay if you were my friend but not best friend." IIliana said not wanting to say what's been on her mind " Let's drop it and continue walking" she added.
"Yes that sounds good" Eli hid the pain and followed IIliana.
Not quick enough but in good time the pair reached the Great okay and the flowers surrounding it. 
" Gosh aren't they the prettiest thing's you seen" IIliana said sniffing one. 
She heard a pluck and then Eli's breath by her ear. " Yes they are and they are fit for a pretty doe like you" with that she stuffed the flower behind her ear. 
"What?" IIliana was confused. This never happens when they go to the flowers..
" I'm sorry IIliana.. But I must leave. My father done some recent things and it's forcing us out of Glenmore. I hope one day you can forgive me.." with that said Eli took off, even running away from her fathers problems the growing doe looked pretty and regal not one of being exiled or a commoner.
IIliana stood in shock her eyes filled with tears, she took a step to follow her but a voice beside her brought IIliana back to the fawnling world. 
" IIliana, baby how you been" Her mother said cheerfully. Since the birth of her younger brother her mother has been happy and happier to be aging. It's saddening to IIliana to know that she was sad to have a daughter as her maybe last fawn.
" Great me and Eli have been great!" IIliana spoke cheerfully, which was a lie.
"That's good and all but don't you think your best friend should be a Royal, It might look better than a commoner doe" Her mother spoke softly.
" Ah well I can't control who I pick for friends...But you shouldn't worry anymore" IIliana spoke but at the end she mumbled lowly to herself. Her mother or the herd should know in sometime.
Few days later
IIliana glanced around the herd, she never thought in a year should would have to find a new friend but now she would. Her eyes glanced around but her vision was blurring.. She didn't want a new friend.. She wanted Eli! IIliana laid down by the Great oak and wrapped her pretty tail around herself trying desperately not to cry. Gosh she could only imagine what would happen if she would to cry, chaos would happen because it would be a crime to her mother. A soft rustle was heard by IIliana so she opened her eye's a bit, looking back at her was the month old face of her brother. He giggled and licked her face happily, IIliana let out a giggle. "It tickled!" she said to her brother laughing.
Every once of jealousy left her at the moment and for once they two got along. But in her little brothers fawn brain they always got along.

Few months later 
     The Pain of losing Eli still didn't leave 
IIliana, it was as if it was glued to her heart and planned on never leaving. She moped around with the royals and princess, gosh what else was she to do. But soon everything will change just like it always did.. and when it does everything will come crashing down on this little girl.

 Ever since Eli left IIliana been closer to her family, well not much her father but he was a stuck up and she was not his favorite child. But as the days passed IIliana began noticing something was wrong with her mother something bad. She was weaker, her little coughs were worse, and her eyes began looking less and less alive. But they brushed it off the herd saying it's because she's getting older than the great oat itself! "It's not a joke!" IIliana cried out to herself.  But one day her mother collapsed in their home she was unable to get up, her limbs too weak to carry her weight no more. IIliana yelled out for a herbalist or anybody. But by the time the herbalist got there it was to late and that's what she told her daughter in private. With her head down the lady walked to the dying lady/Mother. "Mama!" She cried into the soft neck fur of her mother. 
"Sh shh" The soft caring older voice of her mother replied to her daughter, Daija nuzzled both her children and decided to snuggle with them. " I heard the herbalist, IIliana. I knew what she was going to tell you before she came. That my time is limited even more than what it was." Her mother spoke wisely. " I wanted you to know I love you with all my heart, and in fact I always have. I regret not playing you when you were younger or also not really caring for you like a mother should've done. It was all my fault, if I raised you like I should have you wouldn't be this way" Her mother added forcing every breath to come with ease and not rough. 
All IIliana could do was wail into her mothers neck and curl around Daija with her littler brother.  There was nothing that could help her now for IIliana she will be alone till she's older. 
Daija's breathing was getting rougher by the hour, and IIliana knew her mother's time was coming. So she told her younger brother it would be best to say good bye to mom because she has to go to a different herd now. But right now it was her time saying good bye and quite frankly she didn't want to. Solemnly she walked over to her mother with tears threatening to fall " OH mama! I love you!" Iris cried once again.
Daija could just chuckle weakly all her energy danced away. " Mama I'm going to miss you, but I don't want you to leave!" It was like she was fighting with her emotions.. One side was saying bye while the other was telling her to fight a fight she lost a long time ago.  IIliana laid by her mother and started to lick her shoulder, when she looked her at mother she was surprised to see her looking back. But her mother had a soft smile and with that she took her last breath. IIliana screamed and let out a cry she wrapped her tail around her mothers body and herself. A shadow blocked the sun away from her light so IIliana looked up and was surprised to see her father. But he wasn't there for poor IIliana instead was there for her little brother, because he was still a fawn their father gave him away to their aunt and never really talked to neither of them. 
That night IIliana tried to cry herself to sleep but instead her tears gave her weakness and the numb feeling. But because of being tired to the regal lady finally found sleep.

Year 754 of the new age Three years old
 - Nothing special really
- Father dies after having one last kid
- her and her true brother's bond becomes stronger

( will add on if it gets accepted)

Year 755 of the new age Four years old
- Finds a new friend a royal one at that.

( nothing exciting happens over the next few years, will add on if get's accepted!)

RP Plots
Need to get her in the herd first lol
Two Devils and a Witch by Wild-Catx
Two Devils and a Witch
That title sounds like a joke gone bad or a bad pick up line xD

So I'll write a story pretty soon right now I'm busy 

This is Breeding between 
Lucifer Mortuus Diabolus Lucy x Asylum ( whose info I will also add later) Can change her coat color// appearance  
Lucifer Mortuus Diabolus Lucy x Succubus ( same I will ad info later) Can change her gender!

basically Succubus keeps a good watch on Asylum because she is her power source, and the mare is blind. When Asylum uses her power her hind quarters go nearly invisible, Succubus is able to talk into all the worlds when she is near Asylum. If she isn't near her the red chest won't glow.. Which kinda tells her power source if its strong or not xD 

Lucy (c)  Okami-Haru
Art and other two characters (c) Me
Stock (c) Some where on here xD 


Wild-Catx's Profile Picture
Darcy Morris
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

So I decided to make a journal about any upcoming litters to Imperial Wrath Kennels and also to keep track of litters!  ^^

2014 Upcoming Litters!

SK's Lion's Shadow X Isengards Daisy di Eurico
- Something's need to happen for this litter to happen!

2014 Litters!

Roman X Daisy CLOSED by Fontana-Roccia
 FK's Big Bad Handsome Man X Isengards Daisy di Eurico
- ALL pups are brought and being taken care of !!

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