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This could be my last journal for a couple of days, as my laptop died and now my phone touchscreen is giving out so I have to buy a new phone. I may get it on the 5th ^^

ill try to catch up on rps by then! But my screen is giving out again so bye ^^

I want to rp these guys some more ^^ Looking for fawns, herbalists, guards, fight rps, or ect lol

Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal !!Magic stat building!!
Gavriel| Stag| Royal Guard !!I want to get his stats up so stat building rps ^^!! Neighboring herds is for him ^^
Duke Aaryan | Colt |Duke !! Cuddles, fawn time, playing only!or momma Iliana will chase you down >.>!!
Lady Adraste | Hind | Royal Doe !! Whatever you want!!

Rps going on now!

Lady Adraste and Lord Slavomir- I need to reply 
Duke Aaryan and Lord Knox- I need to reply
Lady Iliana and Lord Calhoun- they need to reply
Lady Adraste and Lady Rohan- I need to start
Lady Iliana and Officer Aedan- they need to reply <33 Sorry Calhoun you lost Iliana likes Aedan more xD but you have a proncess
Lady Iliana and Hoofmaiden Rosalia- I need to reply 
Lady Iliana and Princess BoAnn- Need to start
Lady Iliana and Lord Weylin- Need to start
Gavriel and Tagg
Gavriel and Lord Lorik
Lady Iliana and Princess Namine- Need to start

I really want to work on Gavriel and Iliana right now ^^

Come meet Glenmore's newest baby lord <3

Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal by Wild-Catx
Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal
My sweet girl <3


Name: Lady Iliana
Gender: Doe
Age: 11-- Pictured around 13-14 years old 
Year of Birth: Spring, 751 of the New Age
Height: 9.3 hh 
Build: Light
PhenotypeSeal Perlino Fawn
Eye Colour: Blue 
Design Sheet:  Fawnlings October Pool #88

Sire Lord Braxton NPC deceased A guard in his younger years, retired and took his title back EE/AtAt/nCr/nSty/fwfw/nrz Sooty Seal buckskin Part Restricted Classic Fawn Alive
"Dam": Lady Daija deceased NPC  Royal Doe died at 25. 22 when born. (Died from sickness)
True dam:  Alona, Glenmore Doe,  Royal lineage - Alive.
Bloodline: Glenmore 
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 5 [Basic Level]
Strength: 1 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic:12 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+8 magic - starter bonus
+1 magic- rp bonus
+1 magic- rp bonus
+2 magic- rp bonus

Skill points gained by RP's
Taken before your time
+1 magic - lit - 400-999 words - Taken before your time *growing the flowers more than once*

Lets not tell dad
+1 Magic- art - RP Title
+2 Magic - lit - 1000-1999 words - Lets not tell dad

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Royal
Hoofmaiden: Rosalia
Permanent Mate: Heart broken but does have a manstag in mind!
Current Location: Glenmore

Half Siblings: ( need to make her a family journal) 
Lord Freyr-NPC

None and probably never will have any

:bulletpink: Lady Nadia out of mystery stag 757 of the New Age-- Premature Died ( Plot can finally come alive and what caused the premature baby!)
:bulletblue: Duke Aaryan out of  Aedan 761 of the New Age
:bulletblue:  Lord Finnegan Jr out of Donn ( will link later I don't have a laptop Anymore ;-;) / Named after her grandpa on her dad's side


Personality:Intelligent| Cunning| Creative| Friendly ( depends on whose talking)

IIliana has put everything in the past and is very happy. She act's and behaves like a royal should, sometimes when she is alone the memories and feelings rush back in but she hides it the next day. She is VERY intelligent, cunning, and pretty. She loves to gossip and hear the daily fawnling grape vine news. You really can't hide anything from her she will just figure it either by herself or from a other fawnling. She really doesn't like anyone but she will respect you enough to see what you want. Commoners erk her as well as rude royals. You just can't please her anymore. Iliana developed a motherly instinct after her son was born. She get's creative with her hair and accessorizes as well as her magic. 

She is no longer afraid to have a fawn but she does get eh around winter time.

Appearance: A crystal necklace from her mother, accessorizes galore now and braids galore, and since she hit her prime a small horn has been coming. It looks like a unicorns horn. Also has a weasel following her now she so named it and everything.
 ---Her mother told her she got it from a doe in Glenmore, she didn't know what had happened to her.. She believed that she was a wanderer. The wanderer who she never got her name said she found it on the beach of Sharktooth Bay, when she went to pick it up the
leather broke from the beating waves of the ocean. So her mother only had the stone and not the original leather. For a replacement Daija 
used her own mane hair to make it into a necklace. 
 It smells salty or like the ocean. The actual stone is a little cut up and little tarnished but you can still see the glory it once had. Like I said above it came from a ship wreck and does not have the original leather for the necklace part.  
---- Silver jewelry piece from a different lady
---- A giant rose she heals and makes herself

History: Will be in this jorunal ^^ Lady Iliana History ( her whole life is a lie as her mother wasn't her mother) NEED to update

:bulletred: Bad//Sad
:bulletorange: Mixed feelings
:bulletgreen: Good// Happy

 Autumn 757// Bred only 6. Pretty hopeful ( not going to do this rp ^^)
:bulletred: Winter but really almost Spring 757// Looses fawn Taken before your time
:bulletorange: Spring 759// Thinks about a fawn but still scared to loose one again ( in works)
:bulletgreen: Autumn 760// Meets Áedán because he faught for her mixed feelings Chivalry and Indecision
:bulletred: Spring 760// Father tells her the truth about her real mother thay her mother isnf  Daija  but Alona ( in works) * Was thought to be dead or a stillborn which is why alona might have left her and they figured Daija and Braxton would keep her since it was few years after that Alona found out// Need to talk to Dream15*
:bulletgreen:  Spring 762//Plays with her son Aaryan and does magic Let's Not Tell Dad
:bulletorange: Summer 762 Meets Lord Calhoun ( in works) 

Iliana (c) Me
Design (c) Cactus-sis
Fawnlings  (c) Ehetere

I am in search of a hoof maiden for

Lady Iliana |Doe| Royal by Wild-Catx

Even if your doe isn't a real hoofmaiden, she will allow you to get training ^^

Something bad is going to happen because of Blair that will get her kicked out or executed depending on how severe I want it.. So Iliana is looking for a new hoof maiden ^^ 


  • It doesn't matter if your character is a hoof maiden or commoner, she needs a hoofmaiden and soon. 
  • She may not trust you after Blair and she won't trust you with Aaryan. So she will need patience
  • Iliana will treat you good and right despite coat color 
  • If you want to rp your doe more this is the chance ^^ This will have tons of plots and she may get mention in other rps 
  • She needs to love fawns!

I need one kinda soonish ^^ but I can wait 


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Savannah Morris
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United States
This could be my last journal for a couple of days, as my laptop died and now my phone touchscreen is giving out so I have to buy a new phone. I may get it on the 5th ^^

ill try to catch up on rps by then! But my screen is giving out again so bye ^^

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